Count Me Among the Dreamers

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Today in America,
a little boy dreams of flying,
of taking a rocket ship ride
to the farthest star in the sky.

Today in America,
a little girl dreams of color,
of swirling blues and greens,
a world born
from the tip of her paintbrush.

Today in America,
a mother dreams of safe passage,
of city streets where her children
can walk without fear.

Today in America,
a congregation dreams of the promised land,
of a nation where justice rolls down like water
and righteousness like a mighty stream.

Today in America,
a dream will rise
and another dream will fall

Count me among the dreamers
and the lifters of dreams,
helping them to rise
and awaken into life.

Whenever there is a choice
between love and hate,
count me among the lovers.

Whenever progress seems impossible
and change the wishful thinking of idealists,
count me among the idealists.

Whenever there is faith
that nine lives lost in a Charleston church
will never be forgotten,
count me among the faithful.

I pray I will see you there,
wherever hands are joined
and dreams are lifted up into song.

I hope to see you there,
among the dreamers,
helping them to rise
and blossom into life.

Count me among the dreamers.

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